Introducing Harvest Partners LB

Long Beach’s largest fruit harvest organization finds new home with CityHeart

The local backyard fruit harvesting organization formerly known as SoCal Harvest has officially changed its name to Harvest Partners LB, in connection with CityHeART, a local non-profit organization.

The all-volunteer organization had been the only such organization in Long Beach, harvesting backyard fruit for eight years. Harvest Partners LB helps homeowners with food waste, brings community members together with a clear mission of providing organic backyard fruit to the underserved in Long Beach.

Harvest Partners LB joined CityHeART after launching a partnership with Feeding Long Beach in Summer, 2016 to help prepare sack lunches and meals for local shelters and pantries serving food insecure individuals. The new name reflects the program’s intent to focus on solving food access issues at the local level. Working within CityHeART, the program will utilize the multi-purpose organization in a more integrated approach, working closely with pantries and shelters, and collaborating with the programs in CityHeART to provide opportunity to those in need.

CityHeART uses a collaborative cooperative model to empower project leaders to bring the opportunities of art, food, music, peer-counseling and support to those in need in Long Beach. The mission of CityHeART is to use art as a platform to bring awareness to challenging social issues and to encourage community members to take part in combating those issues. CityHeart builds partnerships with humanitarian organizations and uses art as the platform to bring attention to local issues in the community.

“We’re excited to have the direct support of other programs and to be more closely associated with shelters and food pantries in Long Beach. We are training harvest managers and working toward funding to make this a stable long-term program! We are thankful to all of our partnerships, clients, and volunteers that have supported this exciting move!” Allison Slay, Director of Harvest Partners LB.

For more information on Harvest Partners LB and CityHeart, and to donate, visit the official CityHeART website.


Healthy, fruit-forward smoothie recipe

brought to you by Harvest Partners LB:


Easy green smoothie

1 cup of spinach or other green or 1 scoop of green plant powder
1 banana
1-3 oranges
1 tsp. flax
1 tsp. ginger
Half cup of ice

Blend, and enjoy!


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