What is CityHeART?

Did you know that CityHeART is an ALL-VOLUNTEER organization?

That’s right. Each one of our five incredible programs stemmed from a single person’s love for the City of Long Beach and the people in it. CityHeART itself came to be as a result of a group of artists who wanted to tell true stories about the city and raise awareness…from that effort came the organization as it exists today. CityHeART is a non-profit organization that uses art as a tool for healing and uses creativity as a tool for addressing significant community struggles.

How can you be a part of what we are doing?

  • Volunteer [email love@ourcityehart.org]

  • Donate

  • Share our mission with family and friends


Learn more at www.ourcityheart.org


Registration for Creative Warriors Virtual 5k, for Long Beach Veterans, Spring, 2017!

vetsvirtual5kRegister Online!

Upon submission of either of the registration form below, you will receive via email additional information about how to submit payment and how to submit your 5k run time. Thank you for sharing out mission!

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Harvest Partners LB Welcomes Mike Breen!

Harvest Partners LB is currently harvesting 2-3 fruit trees per week!

This is amazing for a PART-TIME program! We are so thankful to our new manager, Mike Breen, for stepping up to lead some harvests to keep the momentum going and client’s happy!

Quote from our new manager:

“Hello! Harvest Partners Long Beach has gone from a way of giving back to my community and neighbors once a week, to an everyday part of my life. I look forward to rising early on Saturday morning to discover what type of fruit tree is waiting to share its bounty, to help out one or two of my Long Beach neighbors that have a deep social consciousness, and to know today’s harvest reduced someone’s food insecurity. Harvest Partners is truly a win, win, win, win! My name is Mike Breen, and I started volunteering with Harvest Partners Long Beach in 2016. I am a father of two children and preparing to become a CPA with a specialty in Not For Profit accounting. Come out and climb a tree with me.”

A Message from Harvest Partners LB:

We’ve been working really hard this month to keep up with the ever rising number of fruit trees needing our assistance. We are overbooked and apologize we cannot get to each and every tree in time. If anyone is interested in leading a harvest to help us get to more trees, please contact us! 


Servicing/Distribution: Lately we’ve been providing fruit to:

  • The Long Beach Rescue Mission
  • Food Finders
  • The AM Vets
  • Beacon for Him via Feeding Long Beach!

We are happy to announce we are going to start servicing recipients at Christian Outreach in Action in downtown Long Beach, CA.  A manager there contacted us to become a beneficiary of the bountiful harvest. They serve meals 7 days per week!

We are also adding the Casa Youth Shelter to our distribution list. This shelter helps and houses 12 youth and we are happy to provide fresh fruit to the residents there.

Email us at harvestpartnerslb@ourcityheart.org with any questions or visit us on the official CityHeART website to learn more!

The CityHeART Walking Closet

Did you know that Connect! of CityHeART offers a free peer-led support group, which currently holds meetings for a women’s group at Beacon for Him in Long Beach?

On top of that, did you know that Connect! launched a Walking Closet project that has in the past partnered with Feeding Long Beach to provide food and clothing to the homeless in one group effort?

Today, the Walking Closet collects clothing donations all month long and then distributes those donations to local drop-in centers and shelters, such as Urban Community Outreach and Beacon for Him.

Know of any centers and shelters that might be interested in hosting the Walking Closet?? Have clothing to donate?? Let us know 🙂

Email love@ourcityheart.org or fill out the form below.

Thank you for sharing our mission!

 Learn more about Connect! of CityHeART and the CityHeART Walking Closet