Live Music for Century Villages at Cabrillo

Thanks to our incredible partner, Creative Warrior Ventures, we are bringing some wonderful talents to our friends living in affordable housing at Century Villages at Cabrillo.
Friday, April 14, is CVC’s annual Spring Fest, and CityHeART will be there in full swing! HeARTsy will be face-painting and leading a spring themed craft with the kiddos, Harvest Partners LB will be distributing locally grown produce for all residents, and Auspicious Arts in partnership with Creative Warrior Ventures will provide live music for all who attend! It’s bound to be a wonderful day!
Special thank you to the generous artists who are volunteering their time to bring some spring festivities to CVC tomorrow.

Slushbox Music:

Music-life partners Sharon Giarratano and Mark Wheeler (vocals/bass and guitar/vocals) along with creative conspirator Terry Frost (drums) conjure the mojo to inspire audiences to tap into their own potential.  Flaunting vibrant green color scheme, the band and fans celebrate thriving vitality and personal growth.

Performances are sprinkled with declarations that raise consciousness, confirming the power of being in-the- moment, raw, and unabashedly “out there”.

Slushbox offers their passion and fire with a new live CD, “Come Alive” recorded on a boardwalk in their home base, Long Beach.  Songs include “Green Means Go”, an anthem of moving forward in life, and “Wetsuit”, about diving into a new perspective.  Illuminated vocals pierce the most tough-shelled into pondering new possibilities.  The recording features Daniel Mancuso on tenor sax brandishing uplifting embellishments.

Join in on the cathartic stage journey of collective self-empowerment with Slushbox.

Jupiter 2.0:


Long Beach musicians, Lorenzo Lorenzo Lorenzo and Travis Christopherson perform together as Jupiter 2.0 – they are a “duo-band” which puts out the complete, full rich sound of a five or six piece band without the aid of recorded backing tracks. Audiences are often stunned by their ability and their sound and besides being entertaining; the word most associated with their shows is “FUN.”
“Jupiter” as they were known in the 1980’s, performed up and down The Sunset Strip and throughout southern California, They were featured on KROQ and became part of the regular rotation. They were also KROQ’s featured band at Gazzari’s On The Strip, Costa Mesa’s “notorious” Cuckoos Nest and Doug Weston’s “World Famous Troubadour.” In their hometown, Long Beach, California they performed at Fender’s Ballroom, CSULB and at Long Beach’s notorious biker-bar “The Hardrock Saloon” — long before it became today’s Alex’s Bar. Their 1980 album “Multiple Choice” has become extremely sought after by collectors and a mint condition album fetched $250 on the world collector market — collectors refer to them as “Long Beach’s Proto Punk Supergroup” – IMPORTANT NOTE “proto punk” is not “punk” but is a term used to describe the elements that influenced punk music — proto punk is music which is more reminiscent of the 1960’s and New Wave Pop Rock.
In the Spring of 2015 Lorenzo and former bandmate Jay Perris reinvented Jupiter as Jupiter 2.0 and added new material to their substantial catalog — and right-out-of-the-box they were able to pick up where they left off — playing three-hour shows as if it was still 1985. Jupiter 2.0’s latest album “Destiny, Free-Will and Chaos” was voted one of the top Long Beach albums of 2015 in the Long Beach Post’s “Best Long Beach Album” category — despite being released only a week prior to the poll. Since the rebirth, Jupiter 2.0 has maintained a very active concert schedule performing throughout the southern California area — and the performances continued throughout 2016 and now into 2017. In 2017 Travis Christopherson took on the percussionist role adding new dimensions to the Jupiter 2.0 sound.
Lorenzo and Travis are both seasoned performers and artists and have been involved in numerous productions and artistic projects.
Lorenzo is a vocalist and talented guitarist. His specialty is the electric 12-string. He plays bass and guitar parts simultaneously. He is a producer, promoter,  event sponsor and artist/music advocate, serving as a member of The Long Beach Music Council.
Travis Christopherson is a master percussionist and vocalist. He has been a session musician. He has recorded and worked with many well-known Long Beach artists.
Contact Info

Band – Jupiter 2.0
Genres – Rock, Pop, 80’s, 60’s, 70’s, covers and originals
Rate – $200 first hour, then $100 per hour
Contact – Lorenzo Gigliotti
email –
cell – 562-899-1042
website –
Facebook –
Twitter – @lorenzgigliotti
Facebook –
YouTube –

Stay tuned for details after the event! We can’t wait to share how this exciting day goes! 

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