What happens when you donate …

CityHeART is an incredibly unique organization.

We aren’t your typical one-mission, one-vision organization. We are a handful of missions and visions all coming together in one effort to “wholeheartedly love our city and tell its stories.”

When you give to CityHeART, your gift has the potential to impact each of our programs!

Your one-time gift could do anything from bringing a healing arts workshop to someone in recovery, to serving a hot meal to folks who are homeless. Your contribution could cover the costs of one of our weekly harvests of local produce for distribution to Long Beach food banks and shelters. A $5 gift could bring a neighbor struggling in the aftermath of a traumatic incident to a peer-led support group to begin their journey in recovery, or put a smile on a homeless child’s face!


And what happens when you give every month? CityHeART thrives!

When you give a recurring monthly gift, you become a partner of CityHeART, a source of support for the Long Beach community members who count on the work we do.

We can’t do what we do without your support. Thank you for sharing our love for Long Beach and the people in it!

Learn more about our programs and services. 

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