Feeding Long Beach at Urban Hive!

Just when we thought Downtown Long Beach couldn’t get any livelier … the Urban Hive Market began lighting up the fourth Friday of each month! In April, Feeding Long Beach of CityHeART was there to spread some love, sell raffle tickets and other goodies, and raise some funds to support our mission! ❤

Last month, Feeding Long Beach rocked a cozy booth filled with all sorts of hand-made and donated goods to be sold for the cause. The wares included tamales (which sold out fast!), coloring books, jewelry, clothes for all ages, handbags, and wallets!

Raffle tickets sold for $2 a piece, and the prizes included a variety of local favorites, like a gift certificate to The Pie Bar! Every $2 raised at the booth covered the cost of one sack lunch by Feeding Long Beach. ❤

The first Urban Hive Market for Feeding Long Beach was a success, and it wouldn’t have been without the many who donated and came out to support. We hope to see all of you on May 26 for the next Urban Hive Market!

When does Feeding Long Beach serve sack lunches? Every Tuesday at Beacon for Him!


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