A Closet that Walks??

What is a “Walking Closet?”


For us, it’s a monthly clothing drive that services our partner organizations across the city to help bring more clothing to more people in need! 

Started by Connect! @CityHeART, the CityHeART Walking Closet is always open ❤ 


We’re happy to pick up or receive drop-offs from anyone interested in donating!

Email love@ourcityheart.org to coordinate a donation. 


At Connect! we value providing safe spaces for all people in our community. Tonight we continue to stick to our values of resiliency, connection, reclaiming our lives and stories, and recovery as we host Connect! Women. If you or someone you know identifies as a woman and can benefit from a safe space to share, grow, connect and learn, please email us at connect@ourcityheart.org 

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Why We Do What We Do @CityHeART

Service is a road paved with potential, opportunity, reward, and fulfillment. It’s not a one-way street by any means, and that is the surprising gift for all who give of themselves: the personal satisfaction, the sense of purpose, and the overall feeling of goodness that comes with serving others is like no other path.

When we @CityHeART give to others, we get to share in the joy, take part in the creative process, and receive the peace and love flowing from those whom we serve.

  • Every sack lunch, packed with care and packed with the generosity of all who contribute, fills a hungry stomach; but more importantly, each sack lunch offers hope to the hungry, and provides peace of mind for the long day ahead.
  • Every harvest, big or small, not only delivers locally grown  produce to food banks and shelters across the city, but also builds community among the volunteers who come together to pick the produce by hand, and then share the fruits of their labor with those in need.
  • Every art workshop, for kiddos and even for adults, spreads smiles and prompts laughter that can overshadow the monotony of a soup line and uplift the weariness of a heavy heart on the street. Creativity can heal souls and overcome despair.
  • Every connection built in the safety of a peer-support group has the power to heal the emotionally wounded, transform darkness into light, and even save a life.

It’s not simple, this thing we are doing here in the City of Long Beach. We are a small but mighty, all-volunteer team of dreamers in a community where anything is possible. We are learning, we are working, and we are “wholeheartedly loving our city and telling its stories.” 

And we can’t do it alone.

Every little bit of support, monetary or otherwise, takes us a little bit closer to our vision of a multipurpose, non-profit collective that can serve those in need in our city with the most effective impact for the betterment of our neighbors in need. 


Human Connection

Need to talk? Looking for a safe place to share and listen and grow?

Have you checked out Connect! @ CityHeART?

Connect! @CityHeART is a free, peer-led support network that aims to provide a safe and empowering environment for individuals who are seeking to recover from trauma, heal from grief and loss, and reclaim personal strengths and goals.


Connect! @CityHeART is holding a weekly women’s group at Beacon for Him in Long Beach. Email Connect@ourcityheart.org for more details!


Spotlight on Connect! @CityHeART Program Director, Helena Pataeva!

She created the CityHeART Walking Closet, which now gathers and delivers clothing donations across the city on a monthly basis. ❤

Fruit Forward

Saturday morning cartoons? Na…

Saturday morning coffee? Nope …

Saturday morning HARVEST?! Absolutely!!

Harvest Partners LB of CityHeART is a non-stop harvest program that relies solely on volunteers. Together, we rescue backyard produce and then distribute the yield to food banks, shelters, and other programs across the city that feed the homeless and hungry.

Summer is coming, and we are planning to recruit, re-fuel, and re-boot in preparation for the fall harvests!


Interested in a joining a harvest?!

Email HarvestPartnersLB@ourcityheart.org for more details about the next opportunities and how else you can be involved in this innovative program. ❤

Spotlight on Harvest Partners LB of CityHeART Program Director, Allison Slay!

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