HeARTsy Springs into Summer!

Healing Hearts through the Arts!

HeARTsy has been healing the hearts of kids  in the Long Beach community non-stop these past several weeks, and it’s just the beginning. A fun, art-filled, expressive summer awaits!

Take a look at what HeARTsy did in May!

HeARTsy and Feeding Long Beach made their monthly appearance at Century Villages at Cabrillo. HeARTsy provided a wonderful Love Your Selfie workshop, which allowed the kiddos to embrace self-love through self-portraits and yoga. The workshop participants went all-in on their portraits, and they came out great! Feeding Long Beach served up a hot meal, complete with veggies, pasta, and a hot pink cake for dessert!

The very next week, HeARTsy went down to Urban Community Outreach to hold the monthly art table for the kids who join their families for a hot meal. We enjoyed being part of the support UCO gives to homeless youth in Long Beach. It was an immersive and colorful experience for the children there.


First Fridays popped up on June 2, and it was “HeARTastic!”  Bixby Knolls gained a lot of Summer Love from HeARTsy, Auspicious Arts, and Harvest Partners LB. Children had their faces painted and drew and decorated hearts. What a blast!


Spotlight on Yeggi Watts, Program Director of HeARTsy!


With Summer Love and the kiddos in mind, HeARTsy is filling this summer up with more healing through creative expression, starting with a children’s art show on Saturday, July 15 and ending with HeARTsy summer camp in early-August. The Children’s Art Show Fundraiser at Hellada Gallery is a chance to have children’s artwork displayed for people to see. It’s an artist’s stepping stone.


Hope to see you soon during this HeARTful summer!


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