What’s new with HeARTsy?

Well, we kicked off July with a HeARTist Showcase featuring child heARTists from all around Long Beach, which proved to be an eye-catching art show.

Pieces included paintings, drawings, and sculptures. It was a blast! Kiddos and adults alike popped in to see the masterpieces. Among those who submitted art were kids from Century Villages at Cabrillo and Urban Community Outreach, two organizations CityHeART works closely with every month.   Not only was the art show a heARTastic opportunity for the kiddos to interact and present their art to the community, it was also a chance for HeARTsy to fundraise for our upcoming summer camp, which will take place throughout the month of August. Donations made in person at the event and online are going towards more creative expression, arts and crafts, and holistic takeaways.

Didn’t get a chance to donate?

We extend our greatest thanks to everyone who submitted artwork, attended the show, and/or donated to our program. Also, thank you, Hellada Gallery for continuing to provide a space for us to host our showcases. We appreciate all of you and your efforts to help us repare for summer camp. The art show was a blast! We hope to see you at  future events!

Interested in sending a child to the HeARTsy summer art workshop series?




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