Got Friday Night Plans? We Do!

 We’re Back at Urban Hive Market!

If you popped by Urban Hive Market last month, we’re sorry we weren’t there to see your beautiful faces … but we are back today! 

Urban Hive In The Past For CityHeART

In April and May this year, Feeding Long Beach @CityHeART held a booth at the Urban Hive Market, advocating and raising funds for our Sack Lunch Program. Simultaneously, we supported local businesses in Long Beach by selling donated goods and raffling off prizes. Some of the vendors who donated were also at Urban Hive! Thank you to all who came during those months and helped make a sack lunch for someone in need. 😊


What You Can Look Forward To At This Month’s Urban Hive

This time at Urban Hive, we’re switching a few things up. Food is back! Our raffle is still going strong, so don’t miss your chance to win one of our lovely prizes. We’ll also still be selling some locally donated food items — and coffee!! What will be different? Art activities, face painting, and CityHeART merch such as our HeARTastic T-shirts! Rather than raising funds for just Sack Lunch Tuesday, the proceeds this Friday will support the organization as a whole.

We look forward to seeing those beautiful faces tonight. See you there!


Can’t make it, but still want to supporter cause? 



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