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Woo Hoo! We had an amazing week!

The Excitement @ CityHeART

We’re overjoyed that people came out and swapped their socks off. The donations from the CityHeART Swap along with big news for the Walking Closet have us jumping for joy! We are thrilled to share some of that excitement with you.

The Swap Was A Whopping Success!

Thank you to everyone who took time out last Saturday to join us in Bixby Park with some clothing, toys, and produce. We were left with bags upon bags of adult and children’s clothing to donate to local organizations. Among the donated toys were baby dolls, mini monster trucks, and costume supplies. Not only tomatoes and other vegetables, but also several suculents were donated to the produce table. We were surprised by how much we had to give when it was all over, and that’s a great thing! We enjoyed talking to you as you dropped things off and perused, and we look forward to holding similar events in the future.


What’s Up With the Walking Closet? GREAT NEWS!

Recently, CityHeART had the honor of being selected by La Bomba Vintage Clothing for a HUGE clothing giveaway.


We couldn’t believe it ourselves until we started packing everything up on Sunday night.

We wrapped up the week by delivering all the bags of clothing to Century Villages at Cabrillo (CVC), where we will sort through them and distribute to residents via a clothing closet.  The closet, which will have clothes for all ages and occasions, will be a helpful addition to our efforts at CVC. This project wouldn’t have been possible without the generous gift from La Bomba and all of the many volunteers who helped us pack and move Mt. Clothing Pile. We are extremely grateful for everything that’s happening and can’t wait to update you on what’s next.



Thank you for taking the time to join us in our excitement. If you want to get involved with events like the swap or help in our efforts with the Walking Closet, feel free to email:


This weekend:


Join us at Urban Community Outreach at First Congregational Church on Sunday, where we will be doing arts and crafts with the kiddos and handing out clothing via the #WalkingCloset. [Sunday, 8/27/17, 12-3 p.m.]

Interested in volunteering? email



A Big Thank You <3

Psssst!! You … the one reading this message… you’re a huge reason why we are where we are and why we love what we do. Without support from people like you, and the people who donate their time, their funds, their gently used items … we couldn’t “wholeheartedly love our city and tell its stories.”

Thank you to all our volunteers and supporters that continue to help us make a difference in the LB community. ❤

Feeding Long Beach Sack Lunch Tuesday


Thank You to Our Wonderful Volunteers!

Our helping hands are irreplaceable. Coming out and giving us a few hours of your time during Feeding Long Beach’s weekly Sack Lunch Tuesday, Connect!’s Walking Closet events or mental health workshops, HeARTsy’s community events for the kiddos, or Harvest Partners LB’s weekly harvests makes it so that we can accomplish and contribute more to our mission. Your time is a donation that is priceless, and we are very grateful for it. We hope to continue feeling the glow of your big HeARTs in your service.

Harvest Partners Volunteer Thanks Victory Garden


Thank You to Our Awesome Contributors!

Those who have donated to us either financially, through partnerships, or with clothing, food, and art supplies have blown our minds! You are a big reason why our programs keep going strong. Your continued support means the world to us. Our volunteer-based, fast-growing organization is so grateful for any form of donation we receive. Our hope is to continue partnering with you in the months and years to come. ❤

Connect Walking Closet Donation Thanks



Our Upcoming Volunteer and Donation Opportunity

We are extremely excited for our upcoming CityHeART Swap this Saturday. It is an opportunity for members of the Long Beach community to come and donate or swap their gently loved clothes, shoes, toys, and school supplies. If you have produce or other food items to donate, you can bring that as well. Donations will go to support the local organizations with whom we partner. There will also be face painting! We need some volunteers to help make it all happen. If you can’t volunteer, then we hope to see you drop by to Swap Your HeART Out!

Harvest Partners Call for Swap Volunteers


In the Community:

Got Friday Night Plans? We Do!

 We’re Back at Urban Hive Market!

If you popped by Urban Hive Market last month, we’re sorry we weren’t there to see your beautiful faces … but we are back today! 

Urban Hive In The Past For CityHeART

In April and May this year, Feeding Long Beach @CityHeART held a booth at the Urban Hive Market, advocating and raising funds for our Sack Lunch Program. Simultaneously, we supported local businesses in Long Beach by selling donated goods and raffling off prizes. Some of the vendors who donated were also at Urban Hive! Thank you to all who came during those months and helped make a sack lunch for someone in need. 😊


What You Can Look Forward To At This Month’s Urban Hive

This time at Urban Hive, we’re switching a few things up. Food is back! Our raffle is still going strong, so don’t miss your chance to win one of our lovely prizes. We’ll also still be selling some locally donated food items — and coffee!! What will be different? Art activities, face painting, and CityHeART merch such as our HeARTastic T-shirts! Rather than raising funds for just Sack Lunch Tuesday, the proceeds this Friday will support the organization as a whole.

We look forward to seeing those beautiful faces tonight. See you there!


Can’t make it, but still want to supporter cause?