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What’s new with HeARTsy?

Well, we kicked off July with a HeARTist Showcase featuring child heARTists from all around Long Beach, which proved to be an eye-catching art show.

Pieces included paintings, drawings, and sculptures. It was a blast! Kiddos and adults alike popped in to see the masterpieces. Among those who submitted art were kids from Century Villages at Cabrillo and Urban Community Outreach, two organizations CityHeART works closely with every month.   Not only was the art show a heARTastic opportunity for the kiddos to interact and present their art to the community, it was also a chance for HeARTsy to fundraise for our upcoming summer camp, which will take place throughout the month of August. Donations made in person at the event and online are going towards more creative expression, arts and crafts, and holistic takeaways.

Didn’t get a chance to donate?

We extend our greatest thanks to everyone who submitted artwork, attended the show, and/or donated to our program. Also, thank you, Hellada Gallery for continuing to provide a space for us to host our showcases. We appreciate all of you and your efforts to help us repare for summer camp. The art show was a blast! We hope to see you at  future events!

Interested in sending a child to the HeARTsy summer art workshop series?



Why We Do What We Do @CityHeART

Service is a road paved with potential, opportunity, reward, and fulfillment. It’s not a one-way street by any means, and that is the surprising gift for all who give of themselves: the personal satisfaction, the sense of purpose, and the overall feeling of goodness that comes with serving others is like no other path.

When we @CityHeART give to others, we get to share in the joy, take part in the creative process, and receive the peace and love flowing from those whom we serve.

  • Every sack lunch, packed with care and packed with the generosity of all who contribute, fills a hungry stomach; but more importantly, each sack lunch offers hope to the hungry, and provides peace of mind for the long day ahead.
  • Every harvest, big or small, not only delivers locally grown  produce to food banks and shelters across the city, but also builds community among the volunteers who come together to pick the produce by hand, and then share the fruits of their labor with those in need.
  • Every art workshop, for kiddos and even for adults, spreads smiles and prompts laughter that can overshadow the monotony of a soup line and uplift the weariness of a heavy heart on the street. Creativity can heal souls and overcome despair.
  • Every connection built in the safety of a peer-support group has the power to heal the emotionally wounded, transform darkness into light, and even save a life.

It’s not simple, this thing we are doing here in the City of Long Beach. We are a small but mighty, all-volunteer team of dreamers in a community where anything is possible. We are learning, we are working, and we are “wholeheartedly loving our city and telling its stories.” 

And we can’t do it alone.

Every little bit of support, monetary or otherwise, takes us a little bit closer to our vision of a multipurpose, non-profit collective that can serve those in need in our city with the most effective impact for the betterment of our neighbors in need. 


HeARTsy Springs into Summer!

Healing Hearts through the Arts!

HeARTsy has been healing the hearts of kids  in the Long Beach community non-stop these past several weeks, and it’s just the beginning. A fun, art-filled, expressive summer awaits!

Take a look at what HeARTsy did in May!

HeARTsy and Feeding Long Beach made their monthly appearance at Century Villages at Cabrillo. HeARTsy provided a wonderful Love Your Selfie workshop, which allowed the kiddos to embrace self-love through self-portraits and yoga. The workshop participants went all-in on their portraits, and they came out great! Feeding Long Beach served up a hot meal, complete with veggies, pasta, and a hot pink cake for dessert!

The very next week, HeARTsy went down to Urban Community Outreach to hold the monthly art table for the kids who join their families for a hot meal. We enjoyed being part of the support UCO gives to homeless youth in Long Beach. It was an immersive and colorful experience for the children there.


First Fridays popped up on June 2, and it was “HeARTastic!”  Bixby Knolls gained a lot of Summer Love from HeARTsy, Auspicious Arts, and Harvest Partners LB. Children had their faces painted and drew and decorated hearts. What a blast!


Spotlight on Yeggi Watts, Program Director of HeARTsy!


With Summer Love and the kiddos in mind, HeARTsy is filling this summer up with more healing through creative expression, starting with a children’s art show on Saturday, July 15 and ending with HeARTsy summer camp in early-August. The Children’s Art Show Fundraiser at Hellada Gallery is a chance to have children’s artwork displayed for people to see. It’s an artist’s stepping stone.


Hope to see you soon during this HeARTful summer!

Long Beach Proud! <3

There are so many things to be proud about in the beautiful City of Long Beach. We are so happy to be building our outreach organization in a community that is filled with lovely people who celebrate one another’s diversity and equality ❤

In the aftermath of a beautiful Long Beach Pride weekend, join Connect! and Auspicious Arts at the LGBTQ Center Tuesday, May 23, from 6-9 pm for a self-care workshop! CityHeART aims to “wholeheARTedly love our city and tell its stories,” and we do that through a handful of unique service programs. These two CityHeART programs have put together a workshop that teaches YOU how to love yourself! AND as a special treat, Harvest Partners LB will be serving grapefruit tonics made from locally grown and harvested grapefruits!! ❤

Read more about the event details on Facebook

What did CityHeART do over the weekend?

HeARTsy kicked it off on Friday afternoon with an awesome Love Your Selfie art workshop for children at Century Villages at Cabrillo.

Feeding Long Beach served a hot spaghetti dinner to the children and their families after the art workshop wrapped up!

Connect! led its weekly women’s group meeting at Beacon for him ❤

On Saturday morning, Harvest Partners LB led its weekly harvest!

Thank you to all the many volunteers and donors who continue to support our mission and help us do what we do!